Understanding Communication Within The Family

23Lack of effective communication within the family is one of the major factors, which results in disharmony. When there is no communication gap among grown-up children, parents and grandparents, it will vindicate the supremacy of human being species. It is not easy to reach the objective, but it is a desirable goal for humanity. The spouses need to win over the ego clashes. These days old parents are practical and more realistic in their expectations from children.

Generation-gap or communication gap

1. We talk of generation gap between parents and children. It originates from variations in preference over: music, movies, socializing habits, spending style, and other priorities in life. Generation gap implies that the parents and grown-up children don’t share life effectively. It leads to communication gap between them. More often than not, there is a communication gap between spouses, which if left unattended, may lead to misunderstandings, resulting in disharmony in relationship.

Grand-parents, Parents, and children

2. There are generation gaps, among grandparents, parents and children. We may attribute the generation gap, to inflation. The grandparents could have a lavish outing or a get-together, in his younger

We Can Have Anything We Want!

weWe can have anything we want, if we want it bad enough, and are willing to pay the price. That’s great news, isn’t it? So the world is our oyster after all, right? This is awesome! So let’s go get what we want!

Wait. Hold on a minute. This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? If we can have anything we want, then why don’t more of us already have what we want?

Well, after some pondering I think the real issue here is that most of us haven’t really figured out what we truly want.

You see the challenge here is that we all have been programmed to think and live our lives in a certain way by others from the moment we are born until the moment we die. Please think about this for a moment. We’re brought into this world and if we aren’t crying loud enough then someone slaps our little behinds to make us cry out louder. As we grow up our parents tell us what to do and what we should want followed by our siblings telling us. Next,

We Are All Misunderstood

sThere is technology advancement all around us, with its comforts. But something is lagging! Yes, we are still miles away from happiness. There is lot of progress all around, except in the thought processes within the human mind. It is still slave to its 5 senses, its ego, anger, jealousy, greed, and revenge-attitude. There has to be progress on this front as well. if we want to avail full advantage of technological advances. Why we have failed so far? How can we go ahead?

A universal grudge

1. ‘I have done so much for others, but people are so thankless, that they don’t recognise it. They just talk ill me, when they talk to others’

Are we always right?

2. Criticizing, condemning, and commenting negatively always, does not solve any problem, in relationships. We have to accept a person as he/she is – a friend, or the spouse. If we try to tailor-make a friend or the spouse, to suit our likes and dislikes, as our clone, then the life will be always predictable, listless and boring. The differences, the fights and the ego clashes are good to

Goodnight Daddy!

Daddy, I find it very hard to accept that you’ve been translated to another realm. You were indeed a great father, a reliable friend and faithful protector to me. You gave me your best from the day I was born. I was the envy of my peers while growing up. You inspired me. You taught me hard work, frankness, honesty, courage, service, charity and loyalty. You always encouraged me to do my best to help anybody in need, not just by word, but by your actions. Look at the flow of tributes and genuine praise trailing your departure. The people you gave jobs, lift, hope, protection and saved from victimization or going to jail, etc. Like a lion would effectively protect his pride of cubs and lionesses, you never allowed anybody or interest from this part of the state to be treated badly.

I was emotional moved when a son to one of those you put at the local government service in the 70′ and 80’s visited and was telling us how you made their father become a government worker from a peasant farmer. Another, narrated how you stood your ground, refused to be bribed, and made sure their father’s land

Even Little Girls Like Wind Chimes

When my daughter in-law returned to work after our first grandchild was born, I offered to watch little Abby a couple of days a week to help with the cost of daycare. Several months later it was warm weather and we were able to get outside more to enjoy the nice weather. When ever there was a breeze blowing it would have my big beautiful wind chime just a singing.

Little Abby loved it when I would take her over to that big wind chime that was hanging from the end of our front porch. She would take her little hand and hit that big round thing hanging between the long tubes and she would have it making sounds just as though the wind itself was ringing its chimes. There wasn’t a time when we would go out on to the porch that Abby wouldn’t want to play with the chime and make it sing. That was five years and three granddaughters ago. Now there is little Natalie, Abby’s sister. She also has taken a liking to those wind chimes and loves to make them sing just like her sister did. Somehow though, those chimes escaped the interest of Carly,

How I Came to Love Wind Chimes

My husband and I have a favorite vacation spot in Tennessee. On the first weekend after Labor Day there is a huge, and I do mean huge, classic car show with 20,000 plus classic cars spreading out between the three towns of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. During a visit to Gatlinburg, we took time out to do some shopping. One of the many shops sold beautiful wind chimes. Big beautiful ones, the likes that I had never seen before. I couldn’t help myself and we bought one of those chimes. The different lengths of tubes that the chimes had made the most beautiful sounds I’d ever heard before and thus began my new love.

That was several years ago that we bought those big beautiful sound makers and now they hang on the east side of our front porch. Thank goodness I am a country girl because sounds tend to really travel far at night in the country and a city slicker may not appreciate their sounds the same way that my country neighbors or I do. One of our neighbors has told me that she can hear the sounds of those chimes at night and she’s not even upset

Focus on Both With Balance

Couples often get nostalgic when they think back to their first meeting. They were highly sexually active, they kissed a lot – in short, they had energy for one another. Then came their first child, and all else stopped. Maybe not entirely at first, but it seemed like their first love had died.

It is biological that women have even stronger sentiments towards their kids than a father. Recent developments have helped men get more in touch with the emotional side of things, but still children can seem a bit of a nuisance once sex dies out in the relationship they are in.

Oftentimes, it is not voiced, but it is nonetheless a sentiment with which you have to deal honestly. It lies at the root of many divorces, so it is important that you listen to your inner alarm bells. First of all, you need to be respectful towards one another in your relationship. Don’t start off in the offensive tone, if you want to mend your relationship.

Try to introduce a night out where grandparents can watch your kids to get your life spiced up again. Even just a couple of hours where you eat a candlelight dinner, and a babysitter

Winners Do What Others Won’t Do

“Take out the trash!” Hey, I said. “Take out the trash!”

Can you hear a familiar echo in that command from the proverbial father or mother yelling at their less-than-eager son to take out the trash? Good. Now let’s think about this. Nobody really likes to take out the trash, right? So why am I spending my time and energy talking about trash? Well, it’s really quite simple. You see, winners do what others won’t do…

Let’s start this journey by me asking you this question: what would your answer be if I told you that I would give you a million dollars if you took out the trash every day?
Hmm… well, I have some bad news for you. Nobody is going to pay you a million dollars to take out the trash and unfortunately the never-ending trash will still be there, and it will still need to be taken out by someone.
I bet we’re all hoping that “someone” isn’t us.

So again, why am I spending so much time on talking trash? Well, it’s because I want you to understand that the person who notices that the trash needs to be taken out and then does so without anyone asking

Who Are The Mennonites?

So what do Beachies believe? Well, they are a Christian denomination which believes in salvation through Jesus Christ. They believe the Bible is true and is to be read consistently in order to better understand its meaning and to draw closer to God. They also have strong convictions on the way an individual should conduct themselves and have many “laws” that are very specific on certain issues. For example, all Beachy churches have “standards” that all members are expected and required to follow. These standards are designed to prevent conformity to the world. In other words, they are put in place so that the Beachies stand out from other people. These standards include everything from the type of clothes and individual can wear to the type of hairstyle an individual can have. There are other rules like no television, movies, radio, and no public education. These rules are all designed to separate the Beachy people from other people in the world.

The Beachy men are the ones who facilitate the church services and meet together to determine what the correct direction for the church to go is. The women are expected to take a behind-the-scenes role in assisting their husbands and

Nothing Is Incorrigible, In Life

During our lifetime, often we come across situations, which we are unable to tackle. We are scared to accept the consequences, and are reluctant to face our society. We are struck up in life, with no way out. Some people resort to committing suicide, which is no solution; it is running away from the problem. No problem is insurmountable. There is a way out always.

A case study

* A spouse refuses to reconcile after a recurring domestic fight. “Enough is enough. No more reconciliation, only to quarrel again! Let me isolate myself from him, as we stay together – for children sake or as long as there is no better alternative.”, she thought.

* There is no adultery involved, and there is no dishonesty or money manipulation. Relationship is on shaky grounds, as she is too possessive about the relationship, and insists her husband to give secondary status to in-laws. He is keen to continue warm relationship with parents and siblings. He believes: it is possible to be loyal, and loving to the spouse as well as the siblings and parents. He was handing over his salary to her, and she managed his finances for 20 years after marriage. He shunned any

The New Challenge for Families

“A home with a loving and loyal husband and wife is the supreme setting in which children can be reared in love and righteousness and in which the spiritual and physical needs of children can be met.”

It was Aristotle, in his Social Philosophy who has defined the importance of family in society. According to him, the family is the basis for community, but he does not adequately establish the significance of the individual and the intrinsic goodness of marriage and family. The superiority and sovereignty of the political regime overshadow the family.

Today, the whole Catholic community celebrates The Feast of the Holy Family. The Holy Family, according to the church is the perfect example of what every family should be. However, the family now-a-days is being faced with several challenges which puts the family in a dilemma.

You might be asking yourself, what can be the possible challenges for the family today? There are several possible challenges for the family and among these different challenges are the following:


Individualism is practically an ideology, a social outlook that emphasizes the moral worth of the individual. This school of thought technically favors and uplifts the individual as an entity that does not need or

From the Way of Saint James to Saint James Parish

Almost 15 years ago, my grandmother, Carolyn Goodfellow Roussel, passed away. Departed at the age of 73 from a relatively sudden illness, her death was a shock to me. Ever since I could remember, Maw-Maw was always there when I wanted to call someone. I could always count on coming to see her and my grandfather, Paw-Paw, at their home in Gramercy on North Millet street. As a child, my immediate family-my parents, my brother, my sister and I-moved around the country. Nevertheless, I looked forward every Christmas Eve to coming back home to Maw-maw and Paw-paw’s, where all of our extended family would be united for the Bonfire Festival. After Maw-Maw died, my grandfather moved out of the “old homestead”. I too, for the first time, was uprooted. Even though our family kept going to Christmas Eve bonfires every year, not coming back to the family home to Maw-maw and Paw-paw’s left me feeling like I could no longer call Saint James Parish home.

A couple of years after Maw-maw died, I graduated high school and left home for college at Rice University in Houston. With my parents in Victoria, Texas, I didn’t live at home then, and returned to

The Significance of Siblings

In the modern era, couples are opting for two children or even one. Gone are the days when a couple would like to have seven to ten children. This notion is considered backdated and inconvenient for a family in today’s world. While this concept is well and good, the purpose of this article is to show why older siblings in a family can actually make things easier, which is why they are so important.

Elder siblings give company and look after younger ones in respect of bathing, feeding, clothing and telling them bedtime stories, putting them to sleep. That way elders get a sense of responsibility from a young age. The younger ones feel a lot of love and care. The elder ones can guide and train the younger siblings in their education as well without having parents to intervene. They help to give a strong foundation in their siblings’ education provided their parents did the same for them.

When parents are away, siblings have each other to find comfort and solace in their absence. They bond to each other more closely. They can share not only household activities for example, cleanliness and maintenance but also have fun activities for instance, watching

There’s No Place Like Home Really

The late CBS Newsman Eric Sevareid once said: “The most distinguished hallmark of the American society is and always has been change.” I would add: Change is inevitable in every society because it is a fundamental quality of life.

Of Time And Memory

Novelist Anna Quindlen again rewards us with her latest book “Miller’s Valley,” about home and family and ties to a disappearing land and life. In an engrossing dramatic series, ACORN Television tells the story of a holocaust survivor who attempts to bury her recent past by returning to her roots in 1950s Australia where she hopes to find “A Place To Call Home,” the name of the series.

Despite inexorable change, we cling to whatever we think home means to us. In a recent New York Times interview, 92-year-old Gloria Vanderbilt describes changing and redecorating her New York City apartment throughout the decades with Russian icons, swoops of fabric, innumerable works of art, priceless antiques and oil paintings of herself and her renowned family. In the interview Vanderbilt quotes Woody Allen who when asked whether he’d like to live on in the hearts of people after his death replied, “I would prefer to live on in my apartment.”

“Goin’ Home”

Everyone wants

Money Is A Part of Our Everyday Life

We all have memories of our experiences with money when we were children. Some of us had piggy banks and many of us got allowances. On special occasions, a silver dollar or a check in a card for our special celebrations was always welcome and ex- citing. However, we had a very limited view of what money was and what it can and cannot do.

The older we got the understanding of how money works started to intrigue us and the wheels of our mind would start churning to what we could now want instead of only thinking of what we need. We all grew up and money management grew right along with us or so we hoped it would. We could save some, spend some, give away some and with enough effort a new house, car, or vacation was in our means. Maybe – however with what is considered “plastic” money, we were tempted and even encouraged to “live beyond our means.” If we wanted something that old adage of hard work and saving could be tucked away in a drawer until we enjoyed life, and did what we wanted and when we wanted to do it.

The world was cooperating

In Search Of Enduring Happiness For Humanity

My bucket list

When I see a list of 100 activities, which my friend, wants to do in his life, I am overwhelmed, due to inadequacy in my thinking.

I have no such plans:

Cities to see, adventurous activities to do, before I die.

Let’s first learn to love people – spouse, siblings, parents, and in-laws.

And stop loving things and activities over people.

Yes, ‘the world is too much with us’, said William Wordsworth.

Let’s use things, but not love things.

Present scenario

Today, grown up grandchildren, prefer to see a movie over talking to the ‘lonely’ grandparents.

Today grown up children are so absorbed in their ambitions that little they see in their parents, who wait for their communication and attention.

A flaw in our behavior is preferential treatment to incoming generation, over outgoing generation.

Old-age homes have come up as its direct application.

An ethical Oriental bucket list

Let the traditional marriages with lifelong commitment make a comeback.

Let every married person maintain warm contacts with the spouse’s family, even after spouse’s death.

Let children maintain their spontaneous ‘childhood’ warmth towards each other, even after marriage.


It depends upon closeness between their spouses.

Odds are heavily pitted, against this wish.

The children are busy in their lives:

Growth of their children, and security in future for their

3 Fun Ideas for Your Family Reunion

There are many ways to do a family reunion, including simply organizing a get together in a town where a large proportion of the family already live, or alternatively booking a trip away somewhere more exciting or exotic so that everyone can make some great new memories together.

Despite the appeal of this kind of special occasion, you will need to put in some effort to making this event as fun as possible for everyone. Here are some tips for ensuring that everyone enjoys-themselves and talks abut how-great the reunion was for many years to come.

The first idea is to invest in custom family reunion shirts to give a real sense of camaraderie to the group, with everyone having a t-shirt with their own family given nickname on it or having custom family reunion shirts that bear a family crest, motto or some other symbol that unites you all.

Some even more creative ideas include having a family tree printed on your custom family reunion shirts or even printing fun and popular slogans such as “Keep Calm… ” Not only do these add a sense of fun and family bonding to the event, but they also serve as a great souvenir for

For My Children

My oldest daughter (she calls herself ‘the first born’) just left after spending a week with us. It was a lovely week. My husband and I took long walks on the beach with her, we all hung out at the swimming pool (some of us reading and some swimming), we went to the theatre, had lunch at her favorite beach-side restaurant and spent many hours simply talking, catching up on all the time we are not together. She and I even squeezed in a few hours of shopping time. The time flew by and when we said goodbye at the airport, it felt like she had just arrived. I am already counting the days until her next visit.

Our middle daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter will arrive for a week’s stay in early June. We visited them about six weeks ago and our daughter always does everything she can think of to make us comfortable. She and our son-in-law give us the living room (and the couch with the pull-out bed) as our room for the time we are there. She bought new sheets and pillows for our bed, cleaned out drawers for our use and laid out clean towels in the

Healthy Kids Thrive in the Kitchen

Do you remember the kitchen from your childhood? Do you remember how it was the heart and soul of the home? Not only did all the meals get created there and many meals get eaten there, but that is where major decisions were made, “heart to heart” conversations were had and where visitors might have been greeted.

Today, in my own kitchen, it isn’t much different. The same important things are happening there. The kitchen is also where homework gets done, art projects get praised, and blogs get written. And very importantly, it is where lifelong lessons about food and nutrition are taught and learned.

As parents, raising healthy kids is a top priority for all of us. We don’t want it to be a temporary thing either. My personal mission is to raise lifelong healthy eaters. I try to move beyond the idea of “eat what is on your plate because I said so” and try to develop a basic, kid-friendly understanding of the importance of healthy eating. I believe that the more we talk about nutrients, the importance of “eating the rainbow”, why real food is more beneficial for our bodies and minds than processed food, as well as other

The Land of Opportunity

Where is the United States of America? Most people point to a chart that shows the geography of the North American continent. They identify the national boundaries with Canada and Mexico. The detached states of Alaska and Hawaii, plus the territories of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico complete the geography of the USA. But, America is more than land. It is the people, the American citizens, their character, their history, and their vision that identify the United States of America, wherever they go, whatever they say and do.

Americans come in many shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and many identify with a tribal heritage that traces to Native America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Latin America, Australia, and a myriad of island nations. Men and women are Americans. They group as families, as friendships, and they affiliate with societies and organizations. Some are true loners. What inspires all of these diverse people to blend their individuality with the independent spirit that was communicated and demonstrated by the founding fathers of America? There are many answers, but one is universal: America is understood by all to be the land of opportunity. We can vote to elect representatives of our many